Concoa Catalog

CONCOA manufactures precision gas controls for analytical, scientific, aerospace, environmental, and pharmaceutical, as well as electronic, medical, petrochemical, and metalworking applications.  Products include single and dual stage regulators for varied pressures and purities, switchover and manifold systems, flowmeters, blenders, valves, filters and flashback arrestors, gauges and leak detectors, purges and hoses, traps, and accessories.

  • Regulators, Gauges, Traps and Hoses for Laboratory Gas and Cryogenic Systems
  • Air, H2 or N2 - Generator Backup
  • Stainless Steel Cryo Hoses - Flexible, Durable and Fast Cool-Down
  • High Purity Gas Purges – Brass and Stainless, Tee, Straight, Deep
  • Discounted Prices