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Brass Straight Purge

$203.50 MSRP

$179.80 discountcryo price


High Purity Gas Purges
The 502 Series purges are designed for use with high purity gases to ensure system integrity during breakdown of component or during gas source changes.

Purges provide safety by preventing the release of toxic or corrosive gases into the workplace when changing cylinders, corrosion resistance by preventing corrosive or halogen gases from coming into contact with atmospheric moisture, and purity be preventing air from infiltrating high purity systems at the time of cylinder change.

The Straight Purge connects to a regulator body through an auxiliary high pressure port. The purge gas is vented through the regulator body to a safe location downstream. This type of purge is best suited to pressure cycle or dilution purging.

    Technical Specifications

  • Seat
  • Diaphragm
  • Seals
    Metal to Metal
  • Check Value Metal
  • Cv
  • Maximum Pressure
    3000 PSIG (210 BAR)

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