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Lutgen Technologies manufactures a complete line of high quality cryogenic storage canisters and racks for use in mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers. Lutgen is the leader in laboratory sample storage solutions laboratory with freezer racks for the most commonly used sample storage boxes.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Racks for Cryogenic LN2 Freezers or Chest Freezers
  • Hanging Racks to Fit Smaller Liquid Nitrogen Containers
  • Easy to Grasp and Lift with Cryo-Gloves
  • Cardboard Storage Boxes – Drain Slots (for liquid nitrogen use) or without, Variety of Dividers
  • Discounted Prices
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Fibre-Metal Headgear-Headgear

$22.85 MSRP

$19.50 discountcryo price


Fibre-Metal Headgear. Deep crown protector and wider windows extend face protection. Deeper 4" crown protector extends protection without increasing weight. Fits easily over required spectacles.

Face shield sold seperately.

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