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Water-Resistant Cryo Gloves - Wrist Length


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Water-Resistant Cryo Gloves
Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, water resistant gloves provide warmth while retaining flexibility even after prolonged exposure to cryogenic atmospheres. Gloves allow sufficient dexterity to handle small objects and controls.

Protect hands and arms against the hazards of working in and with ultracold temperatures to -160˚C (-256˚F). An essential accessory when working with LN2, ultra-low temperature freezers, blast freezers, dry ice, and in coldrooms. Also for use with LNG (liquefied natural gas), liquid helium, and liquid oxygen in enclosed systems.

Select from four hand sizes and four lengths.
Caution: Gloves are not for immersion in LN2.


  • Superior thermal protection
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable / Lightweight / Excellent dexterity
  • Breathable / Stay-dry lining


  • Ultra low and Blast freezers
  • Cold rooms
  • Dry ice handling


  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Bio-Medical
  • Blood Banks
  • Frozen food processing
  • Pharmaceutical

    Available Sizes

  • US: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
  • EN: 8 / 9 / 10 / 11



Wrist Length

11.5-13" / 290-325mm

Mid-Arm Length

14-15" / 350-385mm

Elbow Length

17.5-19.5" / 450-490mm

Shoulder Length

25-27" / 630-690mm

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